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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyrim: How to buy a House/Property...(w/video)

This is exactly what you need to do to buy a property in Skyrim. You can get all the homes for FREE using an exploit as well as get unlimited coin.

You can  purchase houses in Whiterun, ($5,000), Markarth ($8000), Riften ($8,000), Windhelm ($12,000), and Solitude ($25,000). For Whiterun, Markarth and Solitude, you will need to do a quest for the local Jarl. Speak to the Jarl or his/her steward to get the proper quests.

How do I buy a house in Skyrim?


There is also a way to cheat and buy a house for free! Click read more

Some people have discovered this cheat/exploit to get a house for free, just follow along with this video

I also have a way to do this in Markarth (Dwarven City). Markarth is a beautiful mountainous city with waterfalls and streams. The home that you can purchase there is $8000 Gold. Using the same exploit above you can get it for free :)



To purchase a house in Solitude go to the Blue Place and talk to Falk Firebeard, he'll give you a quest called:

The Man Who Cried Wolf

-Speak to Firebeard
-Clear Out Wolfskull Cave

One you are done with this quest talk to the Jarl Elisif the Fair. She'll give you a horn to place at the Shrine of Talos in which is just Northwest of Dragonsreach.

To buy the home simply talk to Firebeard, here is a video showing to get the the home for FREE in Solitude (it's a $25,000 value why pay for it?).

If you're short on money just use this little trick to earn bascially unlimited gold coin. Can't take credit for this one, this video was made by someone else.


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