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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skyrim: Focus the Oculory puzzle (Video)

Here is a video showing how to Focus the Oculory, it's like the earlier puzzles in Skyrim where you have to push the buttons until something happens. In this case you need to line up the light beams with the circles in each ring.

**If you need help finding the key see my other post HERE

***First make sure you took the focusing ring from the farmler outside those doors (the last fight). One of them has it so search their bodies until you find the focusing crystal.

Quest: Revealing the Unseen

-Report to Savos Aren
-Talk to Paratus
-Focus the Oculory
-Place the Crystal into the Oculory
-Follow Paratus
-Reach the Oculory
-Search for Synod researchers


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