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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Witcher 2 - Find Malena (Where do I find Malena?)

Watch the Video below or read. Malena is running off while you fight off the damn elves by the Waterfall. She did not get far though. As you are headed along the path back away from the waterfall there is another small path up the left (watch out for traps) where you will see a cut-scene with some guy asking for help. Then you have to fight a few monsters (I left this out of the video). Just go up the by building, she is hiding behind the wall.

Were you guys pissed too when you found out she double-crossed you? I was so happy heading out to the waterfall hoping to get lucky! It's ok I killed that bitch...since there was no rape button :p


Anonymous said...

I preferred the rape button!

thinking1440 said...

I hope there still is a chance to hook up with an elf lady, the one that was hung was fine as hell too, too bad you couldn't save her, that's the only reason I tried to stop the hanging in the first place

Anonymous said...

meh i got all them sex cards in the first game. my witcher is looking to settle down now :}

thinking1440 said...

I haven't played the first myself, but now after playing the second I'll have to check it out. I didn't know that you could do all this stuff in the first game as well.

Anonymous said...

haha, first game u'd wanna to collect all sex cards. somehow like anon said, 2nd game i dont really feel like collecting em lol, jux zooming in on Triss =/ i hope theres other love interest besides Triss, maybe the queen elf or yennefer or even better the daughter of geralt's dragon friend(shes a dragon too!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help!

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