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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Witcher 2 - Dragon boss fight (chapter 3) HD Video

I had a lot of trouble with the dragon fight after Sile disappears. My silver sword was only at a max damage of 22 I think but I still managed to beat him after a few tries once I figured out this strategy.

For the first part it's easy, when he's peaking through the window just let him blow fire at you and dodge then attack.

For the second part of the fight when you need to fight him on the hexigon/octagonal platform you need to run along the side of the platform (you can't fall off) up to his neck. HE WILL STICK HIS NECK OUT FOR YOU TO HIT! 

Use Quen the whole time! Always have that spell on yourself otherwise you won't last long.

Dodge his other attacks and wait for him to sit on the side then as I said above go run along the edge and wait for him to stick his neck out, he'll almost pause waiting for you to attack.

At some point you'll need to run in circles and avoid his fire to give yourself time to regenerate your health (I did this without potions and armor enhancements). Once you're at a comfortable health do the same thing, run along the side and let him stick his neck out for you. Watch the bottom of the screen to make sure you're getting hits in. It'll say Geralt hit's for 25 etc etc


Anonymous said...

the fire at the first half of the fight really slowed down my fps, to the point that i couldn't play it. Performance didn't change going from nearly high settings to low

bengallxxx said...

too damn easy when you have the best armor and the best sword in the whole damn game

Anonymous said...

When you have 100+ fire resistance you gain all the health back problem is in part 2 you cant tell if it will shoot fire for instant regen or fly at you

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