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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Witcher 2 - Hookers guide (with video of all possible scenes)

How do you get a hooker in The Witcher 2? Watch the video below. I believe I have every possible sex scene in The Witcher 2 that you can get at the whore house/inn/bar/brothel or whatever you want to call it. I also found that you don't have to pay them the full amount. Though they do get offended if you low ball them (no pun intended)

**videos are being added so bookmark and visit back later

Where can I find hookers in The Witcher 2?

The Witcher 2 - Where can I find hookers by somegamevideos

Look on your map and go to the "Inn". There are 2 Levels at the Inn, the main level has all your buddies and your girlfriend Triss Merigold. She's the knockout redhead sitting at the table. Leaning up by the bar is Vernon Roche. From here go down one level and pass the dwarf who is watching the fighting from afar and smoking. At the end of this room (to the left of the fight) is a wooden door. Go through that and you'll see a room full of ladies. It seems there are only three ladies you can hook up with here:

Hooker the 1st:

The beautiful Arnesse

The Witcher 2 - Hooker Arnesse 1 by somegamevideos

Hooker the 2nd:

The beautiful Julia:

The Witcher 2 - Hooker Julia nude Scene 1 by somegamevideos

Hooker the 3rd:

The beautiful Maria

The Witcher 2 - Hooker Maria 1 by somegamevideos

Their Respective videos are posted below:

videos being uploaded be up shortly 


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