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Saturday, May 14, 2011

BRINK Game review (yes it sucks)

I had to make this review because I wanted to save many of you who have pre-orders. Please PLEASE rent this game FIRST if you are interested in purchasing it. I repeat DO NOT BUY this game, RENT it first!
There are many problems with this game, it won't appeal to a mass market, and many people (emo kids) will love that because they need something "exclusive" and cult like. If you like COD, HALO, GEARS, and are expecting a decent game play with a good campaign to start off then this is NOT the game for you. You have been warned!
The concept and the trailer for BRINK are great. The into to the story is great...basically you are on an "Ark" that was built out on the ocean to escape some kind of population boom (people were running out of space on land I guess so they went out to sea). Of course this goes horribly wrong and the place becomes a total wasteland (read, developers won't have to work hard on graphics since everything will be in crap condition).
You start off the campaign and get to choose whether you want to save the ark or escape the ark (ark = floating city). I chose to save the ark and started out the game. I noticed the character modles are disfigured and annoying to look at. I understand they wanted to go with a unique look to make the game distinct, but they really screwed up with this. The characters are horrendus and if you have younger brothers/sisters or kids don't let them be in the room when you play this game. Not because of the violence but because of how scary the characters are. They might even give YOU nightmares.
BRINK does not have Xbox 360 controller support! I fired up my xbox 360 controller for windows only to find that the game did not support it. FINE! I'll play with the mouse & keyboard. The graphics suck, the gameplay sucks, the objectives suck, everything about this game except for the trailer and the intro SUCK.
Sure some people may like this game, but I could not play for more than 10mins. It's a retarded game and you can say what you want but I promise you this will reflect in their sales numbers.
I can only imagine how shitty it must look on Xbox 360, I feel so bad for those who went ahead and bought it without renting or reading reviews.


shArk said...

This Game sucks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i rented the game, hoping it would be good enough to buy for my ps3, but sadly it isn't going to be part of my collection.i think people that say the graphic's are good are smoking crack,I have a new 40" Samsung full HD 1080p Tv and the game looks like a late ps2 game with some ps3 graphic mixed in and i know graphic arn't everything but the game play doesn't seem that smooth and the gameplay it self need alot more work to it.The idea behind it his good but the game just sucks,in my opinion

Anonymous said...

uhm. . . maybe u suck at the game??
when u play the objectives u can have lots of fun..
u havent spent mutch time in the game i see
and remember. . .
it the first brink game and they already made lots of updates on the game,
its a whole new kind of game, and the gameplay is way difrent then an fps like cod of bf.
ur not playing by urself but u have to help ur teammates and i havent seen that in normal fps game as mutch as u have to do in this game.
and not buy it?? ur a poor guy? its only 50$. . .
it worth for me :)
and yes i play lots of games i have lots of games but still i like this 1,
graphics are pretty good if u look at what they wanted to make. they didnt wanna make a game that looks like the real world. they made a VIDEO game.
just get over it and go play outside if u dont like it :D

Anonymous said...

The studio mentioned they were creating a game "they wanted to play." I mean come on no team death match in a FPS ???? Anyway looks like they are indeed the only ones playing it.


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