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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Witcher 2 - Getting the topless dungeon torture scene (guide w/HD Video)

What happened to the Witcher 2 topless dungeon scene?

I thought maybe they had taken it out with all the hoopla I heard about showing a woman topless in a dungeon being tortured (or about to be). They did NOT take the scene out, but I guess there are many hidden things in the game depending on what decisions you make and how you even go through the level!!! I have to hand it to CD Project, they did an amazing job. To find the lady being tortured in The Witcher 2 you have to do the following

First make sure you chose to KILL the lady's son Ayrand at the top of the tower. If you let him live he'll be in the dungeon getting tortured (if you kill him his mom, Mary Louisa La Valette, will be there). (i'll post a video later on)

NOT only that but you have to go a certain way through the level. When you break free from where you were chained go up the stairs and open the door. Wait for the guard to come by and knock him out. Go up one more set of stairs. Wait for the guard patrolling this hall to turn away (no need to take him out) and turn RIGHT and go up another flight of stairs, the guard on this upper level are not facing you so knock them both out, the one furthest away has the key. Take the key and go back down the stairs being careful not to be seen by the guard you just snuck past. Use the key to open that door. Then go down the trap door. When you go through the level this way you get to see the torture scene. If you kill the guy at the top of the tower his mom will be tortured in there. If you let him live he'll be in there being tortured. To avoid this scene don't go that way and something else happens!

********FULL SCENE BELOW******

The Witcher 2 - Topless dungeon torture scene... by somegamevideos


Anonymous said...

awesome! I was wondering why I had missed this!

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