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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Witcher 2 - Go to the Kingslayer's hideout (HD Video)

As you may have figured out by this stage of the game, it's easy to get lost in the Witcher 2 and the maps SUCK! Here is a path I've drawn on the map to help you out. Watch the video or read below.

Where is the kingslayers hideout location?

From the front of the camp (where there is a two-door system you always go through) exit out looking at the big red tent. From there don't cross the river to where the hookers are just hang a right and stay on the same side. There is a path there, follow it till you get to a "stump" in the middle of the shallow river (you see the same stump on the way to Sabrina's ritual site). From there go straight and DO NOT make a right when you can, keep going forward to encounter some Bandits, run through or fight them off then continue and make a right again away from the green fog.


Kyle C. said...

Thanks! Awesome this is posted the same day I come looking for it... I was wandering around in the cave system under Henselt's camp because the goddamn map marker told me to enter them... What the hell? Anyway, thanks again. Awesome game!

thinking1440 said...

@ Kyle C.

You're welcome, I had a lot of trouble with this part going back and forth because everytime you go somewhere the "!" shows up somewhere else. I figured there would be other with the same problem because the maps are so worthless! One way to "cheat" is when you're in the vision take a look at the map.

Etiens said...

Are you playing this on console? I thought they only made a PC version.

thinking1440 said...

@ Etiens

I'm using the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, I like to play sitting away from my computer desk (like on my couch) or while laying in bed or on the floor. This is not an FPS, no need for M&K really.

Anonymous said...

I cant find the key for the kingslayers hideout any1 no

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