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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyrim: How to get married (Guide w/ Video)

How Do I get married in Skyrim?

To get Married in Skyrim you must first travel to the Temple of Mara in Riften. Go into the temple and talk to the two people, one of them will give you a quest called "The Book of Love".  Her name is
Dinya Balu and her quest just seems to keep going on and on, but if you follow my video it will help you in the area you might get stuck. Or if you don't want to do the quest you can purchase the amulet from Marmal the priest at the "Bee and Barb" (assuming he's not at the temple, he will most likely be there)

If you go the quest route to get the amulet see the help video below.  Otherwise put on the amulet and go talk to a woman, when you've decided to marry her you need to return to the Temple of Mara in Riften again to go through the ceremony.

Quest: Book of Love

-Return to Dinya Balu
-Bring Fenrig to Ruki
-Find Fenrig
-Talk to the long-dead lover
-Put on the Amulet of Mara
-Return to Dinya Balu
-Deliver Faleen's Letter
-Deliver Poem
-Get Advice from Yngvar
-Talk to Calcelmo
-Return to Dinya Balu
-Talk to Bassianus or Klimmek
-Talk to Fastred's Parents
-Talk to Fastred

Below is a video showing you how to find Calcelmo in Markarth. It's a big city and I was wandering around for almost an hour trying to find this fool.


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