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Friday, November 4, 2011

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Part 1 HD (Semper Fidelis)

Below is Part 1 of the Walkthrough for Battlefield 3. I think you will be blown away by the graphics. This is running on a PC but even on Xbox 360 it looks amazing.

Part 1
Mission: Semper Fidelis

Click more for the rest of the videos.

Part 2
Mission: Operation Swordbreaker (Video 1/2)

Part 3
Mission: Operation Swordbreaker (Video 2/2)

Part 4
Mission: Uprising

Part 5
Mission: Going Hunting (Video 1/2)

Part 6
Mission: Going Hunting (Video 2/2)

Part 7
Mission: Operation Guillotine (Video 1/3)

Part 8
Mission: Operation Guillotine (Video 2/3)

Part 9
Mission: Operation Guillotine (Video 3/3)


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