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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Next Xbox to be revealed in 2012...

When will Microsoft release a new Xbox? IGN is citing a source from which claims the details for the next Xbox will be revealed at E3 2012. (Of course this is assuming the world does not end first)

A "high-ranking industry source at Crytek" told the website that while specifications for the next console have not been finalized, Crytek is using Microsoft's DirectX 11 for next-gen development. The source says Microsoft will announce the new Xbox in the next year, likely at E3 2012.

"Crytek believes that Microsoft will announce and launch its new machine ahead of rival Sony, though the developer is also investing resources into next-generation PlayStation development."

If this is true, and all things go as planned we can expect Sony to release the Playstation 4 soon after Microsoft. Another that Sony beats Microsoft to market this time. It seems that it doesn't matter if you have a more powerful console, what's really important is coming to market first. By doing this your competitor is forced to release a console at a higher price (assuming better specs), so when people go to shop (holidays or otherwise) they see one console that costs more and one at a lower price. Naturally, kids have an easier time convincing their parents to buy them the cheaper console. They can also pull the classic "switch-aroo" and go in pretending to want a PS4 and when their mom or dad see the lower price of the Xbox they're less hesitant about buying it.

Microsoft was late to market 2 cycles ago. The original Xbox debuted on November 15, 2001. The Playstation 2 was available in North America by the Fall of 2000, giving them about a 1yr head start on Microsoft. Microsoft still made strides in the Console market having released 1yr later and considering it was it's first ever console. Microsoft did not make that mistake the second time around. The Xbox 360 was released in November of 2005, and the PS3 was released ONE YEAR later in November of 2006. I think the Xbox has been a bigger success than the PS3, and a big part of that is because they came to market FIRST. So the question is will Sony be able to pull a sneaky move and actually beat Microsoft in the console war by launching an unexpected attack this time around?


Anonymous said...

That's why I'm a PC gamer, but now the PC games are held back because they have to design the games for shitty consoles from another decade. They can't release the new consoles soon enough.

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