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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We're making some Renovations, and your privacy is important to us

We're making some big changes around here, especially to our main site We're implementing a new Q&A site so you can ask questions when you get stuck somewhere, updating our forums, and moving to a new webserver, Nginx.

1. Moving to the Cloud. This allows us to grow as the site grows. We'll be able to offer a lot more to our dedicated readers.

2. SSL for all our pages. Soon all the pages you view on our mainsite will be over SSL not just the login pages. This means that you can browse securely without hackers or the government monitoring your every move.

3. CDN. We've already got our Content Delivery Network up and running which means faster page loads for you so you can get to the content you care about faster than ever before.

4. Nginx, The top sites in the world are using Nginx (pronounced Engine-x) including Netflix, Hulu, and Facebook.  It can handle many concurrent requests with low memory usage. We will be ditching the Apache webserver for Nginx in the coming weeks.

5. SPDY (pronounced Speedy), is a technology developed by Google to help "speed" up the web. Youtube and other Google sites are already served over SPDY. Soon all our pages will be using this same technology to deliver our content even faster.

Those are just some of the changes coming. We'd like to thank our readers and all our subscribers on Youtube and followers on Twitter. If you haven't already subscribed be sure to do so and bookmark our site (CTRL D), we're working on creating great content for you.

Thanks for sticking with us!


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