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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guide to smithing (+20 skill in 50secs) [HD Video]

Here is a guide to Smithing in Skyrim. You can easily get to Level 100 and be able to create Daedric Armor. The best place to do this is Whiterun since you have a smelter, and two people who can sell you the raw materials (Iron Ore, Iron Ingots, Leather, and Leather Strips). Follow along with the video.

On PC you can just use this cheat for Daedra Hearts so you can build Daedric Armor:

First pull up the command console by pushing ~, it's generally under the ESC key. Then type the following without the quotes:

"player.additem 0003AD5B 10"

The above will give you 10 Daedra Hearts. After the B you can change the number to what you desire, in this case I selected 10.


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